Eyebrow Threading VS Waxing Which One Suits You Best?

Brows are really one of the biggest trends in beauty section currently. “Eyebrows is life,” that’s what they say but we have different methods on how to shape our eyebrows perfectly. Instead of using a pair of tweezers, we still have another method to do.

It’s eyebrow threading vs waxing what are the differences between the two?, continue reading.

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Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading is an ancient hair removal technique that was originally discovered in Iran, India and Central Asia. First, the skin should be sanitized for a preparation after, an in-depth consultation is needed to achieve the right shape and thickness for your eyebrows.

A thin (cotton or polyester) thread that is doubled and then twisted is how the eyebrow threading is done. After, it will be rolled over areas where unwanted hair is and start plucking the hair just at the follicle level. It’s also different with tweezing ‘cause the hair would be removed one at a time but in threading, it can pull out short rows of hair.

One of its advantages, as opposed to eyebrow waxing, is it can provide more precise and accurate control in shaping eyebrows and it is gentler on the skin. It would be painful when several hairs are pulled out once, however it can be minimized if it would be done correctly and with the right pressure. Might as well find a professional that can do this service perfectly so there would be no regrets.

There are 3 different techniques for threading. We have the hand method, neck method, and mouth method. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages but the mouth holding is best among the three cause it works the fastest and most precise.

Threading can really give a more defined and accurate shape and also can create better-defined eyebrows. This method can also be used in removing unwanted hair on your entire face and also your upper lip area. But this technique is not suitable in removing hair on your arms or legs, for the hair in those parts is typically quite coarse and there is too much hair to be pulled out or removed.

While your eyes are closed, skin is held taught for support. Then a piece of thread that is coated with an anti-bacterial wax and create a mini-lasso by twisting the hands of the professional and starts to remove the unwanted hairs in your eyebrows. The salon can also trim your eyebrows to get a more defined shape.

This is how the eyebrow threading goes.

What is good with threading?

No dangerous chemicals– In threading, all you will be needing is a clean and sanitized thread. It doesn’t have any artificial fragrances and dangerous dyes.

Good for sensitive skin– Some of us have a sensitive skin that is having a hard time having a hair removal due to skin damage and chemical reactions. But with threading, there would be a little contact with the skin so skin damage can be avoided. It is also an alternative for waxing for those who have acne.

It will last long– What’s also great in threading is it lats much longer for the hair to grow again. After the threading, the hair will be absent and gone for like 3-4 weeks.

Though it is quite painful, especially for the first-timers. This technique can cause redness in the upper eye area so be careful and find professionals that can perform this service perfectly.

Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow waxing also is a method on getting the unwanted hair in your eyebrows. The wax would be applied to the unwanted hair after that, a strip is pressed over the top of the wax and quickly pull or snatch out the follicles. Waxing is really absolute and perfect for those who have a super thick brow and for those who find brow shaping painful.

Eyebrow waxing goes like this.

What is good with waxing?

Its quick and gives a sharp and clean line when finished.

• It gives an instant result and provides good results and widely available.

• This is also good for clients who find tweezing and threading sore and aching.

• With regular usage, the hair can grow softer and finer.

• Unlike threading, waxing will last longer for 4-6 weeks.

But somehow, the expert using this method must be very experienced as it is less accurate than the treading technique. Waxing is not suitable for those who have very sensitive skin as it can be aggressive to the skin and also for those who are undergoing chemical peels or using Rentinol. And if you are prone in redness or sudden reactions, waxing may not be the best choice as it pulls at the skin, not just the hair. However, unlike threading, eyebrow experts are recommending this method more because it’s less painful.


Eyebrow threading or waxing which procedure you think suits for you? Above all, choosing between the two techniques is really about personal preference as both can give a satisfying and fantastic result. Although currently, threading is the most requested but it’ll be your choice on which one would you prefer much.