Microblading Healing Process, When Will I See The Final Results?

Learn how the healing process of Microblading works and what to expect after undergoing a procedure. Microblading has a two-step process, the initial procedure, and the follow-up visit.

The information below tackles on the healing process of Microblading, what you can expect after the initial procedure.

Microblading healing process takes time. The information below tackles on the initial step which is the healing process.

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What To Expect During Microblading Healing Process

Note: Right after a procedure, the brow color will look darker, but the color will slowly fade by up to 40% once it heals. During the healing process, the client must also patiently follow the aftercare measures.
What To Expect During Microblading Healing Process

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The Day After The Procedure

Right after a Microblading procedure, your eyebrow area will look darker and slightly red, no need to worry because this is a typical situation that happens to everyone and this is a part of the healing process.

What To Expect in The Following Days

It may continue to look darker and thicker due to some swelling, and you will notice slight scabbing, this is also normal, and there’s nothing to worry about. Caution: Do not pick the scabs as it can damage the Microbladed area.

Second and Third Week

At this time, you will finally notice the difference. The treated eyebrow areas will lighten up in color due to the forming of new skin. At this moment, you can also experience the stage called milk skin which is common in tattooing and this because the tissue is still healing from the inside.

But it’s not over yet; the surface of the skin might be healed at this moment, but the color hasn’t yet entirely set in.

One Month After

The color now emerges and fully set in, natural exfoliation will usually occur. This time, comparing with the initial result after the procedure, you will see a big difference. When the aftercare instructions are diligently followed you will notice a significant improvement after four weeks.

Microblading healing process takes time, some uninformed clients might experience dissatisfaction after the procedure, (some say it’s too thick and dark) but as the treated brow area heals that usually takes four weeks, you can expect a noticeable difference.