Microblading Too Dark and Thick Results Normal? What To Do?

Are your eyebrows appear too dark and thick after a Microblading procedure? Some uninformed clients who have undergone Microblading get overwhelmed and disappointed with the results after the procedure. While it seems an annoying situation, but this is very common for all.

Should I Worry About It?

No. You do not need to worry about it, in every procedure the eyebrow area will look slightly red, appear very dark and thick, this is a typical situation and a part of the healing process. Usually, darkening and thickening occur immediately after a procedure and in the first ten days.

What Should I Do?

Just leave it as it is and continue with the aftercare instructions as instructed by your technician to achieve complete eyebrow healing. Usually, the dark and thick color will fade by 30-50% after it gets healed.

What Other Results To Expect?

Formation of scabs usually occurs; however, this is not yet an indication that your eyebrows are totally healed. Eyebrow color usually fades as the scabs fall off with an approximate range of seven to ten days. In some situations, scabbing takes longer days, no big deal; this situation is still normal. However, do not pick the scabs as it can damage your skin and treated area; the worst case will lead to an undesirable outcome and problems.

The aftercare procedure is what everyone must follow; Microblading takes time to heal and requires patience. Unexpected results may likely to happen as described above but these are just what occurs typically to every client who tried Microblading.

You will observe visible results after a month, and your technician may instruct you to visit back their salon after several weeks after the procedure for the touch-up session. No panic, getting too dark and thick eyebrow results is a scenario that everyone not to worry about, instead, focus on aftercare instructions.