Microblading – Is Touch Up Necessary?

A while ago we tackled the importance of following the aftercare instructions and the information you need to know for the healing process.

In this post, we will talk about touch up and why you need this to achieve complete healing and perfect eyebrow shape. This article is a continuation of the previous post How Long Does a Microblading Procedure Last which talks about the different stages and sessions of a Microblading procedure.

Touch up is the second phase treatment of Microblading; this usually happens after 30-60 days as soon as the pigment and color settle in the client’s treated brow area. This time, the too thick and too dark initial result of Microblading fades by 30-50%, and scabs might be healed, touch up takes approximately 40 minutes.

The Importance of Touch Up

It is very IMPORTANT to complete the touch-up treatment, without this, your Microbladed eyebrow is considered half finished, and you cannot expect the maximum result of the procedure. Also, failure to attend for a touch-up session will result in fading of the pigment gradually, and this can be a total disaster.

Another occasional touch-up session is also recommended, but not required, which is done every 6-8 months or depending on the client’s skin quality to maintain the color, freshness and even shape of the eyebrow. Client’s with oily skin may need to visit the salon more frequently or as by suggested by the technician.

Touch Up Cost

The cost of touch up vary from salon to salon and depending on the payment scheme you have chosen. Some Microblading salon will charge for free after the initial procedure and a small payment for occasional touch-up sessions.

Be sure not to miss your touch-up session; this is the second stage of your treatment. Visit your technician after 30 – 60 days after the procedure or as per instruction by your technician or once your eyebrows healed. Occasional touch-up is also recommended to prolong the eyebrow color and shape.

Also, don’t forget to follow the advice of your Microblading technician, she knows everything and what’s the best for your eyebrows.