10 IMPORTANT Things To Remember In Preparing for Your First Microblading Procedure

Are you thinking of getting your eyebrows done with the hottest trend semi-permanent technique called Microblading? In this article, we will discuss the things you need to prepare and what to expect before your first procedure and getting into your Microblading technician.

But don’t get a rush, you might want to check first if you are qualified for Microblading and how long does a Microblading procedure last.

You might also want to grab your notebook as well as your pen and list all the things you need to prepare including the do’s and don’ts before getting your eyebrows microbladed.

Things To Prepare Before Microblading

Preparing For Microblading

Microblading is different from the other cosmetic procedures that you have tried before. Microblading works almost the same with tattooing, and if you have been to a tattoo shop, you might get familiar with some of the information stated below.

1. Grab as much information about Microblading
If you are new to Microblading and just heard it from a family member or friends, instances that you are not yet familiar how the procedure is done and what is it all about. You can start by reading our articles in the “USEFUL INFORMATION” section found on the bottom of this page.

2. Don’t drink alcohol, coffee and energy drinks the day before the procedure
A little sacrifice is needed, just sad to hear that you cannot drink your morning coffee, and hang out with your friends the day before your first Microblading procedure.

If you consumed a larger amount of alcohol on the night before the procedure, it is highly suggested to move the appointment on the next day.

3. Do not take Ibuprofen, Painkillers, Aspirin, Niacin or Vitamin E the day before the procedure
Aside from alcohol, coffee, and energy drinks, it is also not advisable to take the following medications 24 hours before the procedure. Also, avoid other medications that have a substantial effect on your body.

4. Do not tan and avoid extensive sun exposure three days before the procedure
Intensive exposure to the sun changes the skin color and can cause a problem as your technician chooses a pigment that matches your skin color.

5. Avoid other brow procedures such as waxing, tinting, and threading
To achieve the best eyebrow results, you should avoid threading, waxing or tinting one week before the appointment.

6. Expect minimal redness
Minimal redness may occur on the treated brow areas during and after the treatment. It also depends on a person’s skin type as skin reacts differently to the procedure, but only a rare case of severe redness happens.

7. Apply minimal makeup on the day of the procedure
It doesn’t mean you should not put any makeup, keep it as minimal as it can cause a hitch to your technician as she does your eyebrows. Also, avoid putting makeup on your brow areas.

8. Tell your technician if you have chronic illnesses or allergies
Let your microblading technician know if you have body concerns. Are having you having allergic reactions to some cosmetic substances? You might need to list all of these substances and show it to her.

9. Do not use skin care products with Alpha hydroxy acid and apply anti-aging products two weeks before the procedure
Cut down the usage of skin care products with Alpha hydroxy acid and using anti-aging products on your brow areas two weeks before your appointment.

10. Skip Donating Blood on the day of your appointment
If you are a blood donor, it is not the best time to give. Donating might strain your body and may cause weakness.

Ready for your first Microblading procedure? Be sure to follow the instructions stated above, and you will be okay. Your technician might give you some more instructions regarding the preparation for Microblading.