How to Wax Bikini Area Without Pain

Who wouldn’t want to wear bikini’s on summer days confidently? I bet you also wish to a perfect bikini area, right? We also know that it is quite painful in the first try, but when you often do that, you will get used to it.


Bikini waxing is the process of pubic hair removal using a special wax. It’s either cold or hot wax that most especially can pull the hair out of the bikini line. This practice may be commonly associated with women; the removal of male’s pubic hair is sometimes, applied.


A bikini line is an area located in the upper leg, and inner thigh wherein pubic hairs grow. Usually, it is not covered by the bottom part of the swimsuit. People, especially women, are more likely to remove those pubic hairs in the bikini line for some reasons including personal grooming, aesthetics, religion, the culture or fashion.


As for starters, we also have some expectations. So, here’s what to expect the first time you get a bikini wax.

1.    First and foremost, you will surely feel a bit self-conscious about your bikini area. You will get uncomfortable at first but always remember that the professional therapist has seen it ALL while performing bikini waxing before and after.

Also, it is reasonable to worry about your bikini line, whether it is hairy enough or not. It is a common reaction for the first-timers.

2.    Most people don’t take off their pants while performing bikini waxing to protect their modesty. If you are not comfy in removing your pants pants too, wear comfortable pants like pajama’s, not a tight-fit short or a skirt.

3. Is it painful? Well, we have different pain thresholds, and we may have different reactions to it. But there is a guarantee that there will still be a pain while performing it.

At first, you will have a sharp intake of breath to endure the pain, but afterward, as the process goes, you will get used to the pain.

4. Will the therapist see my butt? To be honest yes, the therapist will be very close to your butt and may touch your labia. It is done to get the skin taut. I know it is weird and embarrassing, but it is essential to be able to perform the procedure adequately.

5. After the procedure is done, the therapist will apply some soothing cream around the bikini area. Expect a redness in the area for a few hours. Then you can already enjoy a hair-less bikini line. Go back to your therapist after 4-5 weeks for the next session.

How to wax bikini area without pain?


1. Apply an exfoliation scrub or serum before waxing your bikini area. This will help you to remove the hair in less pain during the procedure.

2. Inquire about what kind of wax will be used before engaging in such a procedure. If you were to choose for the type of wax the therapist will use for the method, it is advisable to use hard and strip waxes because they are less harsh on the skin and they are formulated to grip the hair rather than the surface.

3. It is advisable that you may take a pain reliever 30 to 40 minutes just before you start waxing. Although not everyone will need this, I suggest you may try. This pain reliever can ease the pain you’ll feel.

4. Be careful of the cheap products you will use for your waxing. Those DIY products and techniques may be suitable or not for your skin. Also, remember if you are not skilled enough to perform the method, visit a professional practitioner to avoid any accidents. Remember that safety first before anything.


1. Pick a professional practitioner that works fast and efficient. The speed in doing the method is the secret to lessen the pain during the process. Also, the specialist must be careful. Although he/she may be fast in doing it, ensure that he/she is doing it right and with care.

2. For first-timers, of course, you will feel a little bit insecure, so it is very advisable to relax and be calm. Remember that those practitioners saw different bikini areas so remain calm.


1. Apply moisturizers after waxing to moisten your skin and to keep it hydrated. In this way, you can prevent discomfort in the next waxing session. Also, exfoliating your skin helps it to glow and maintain the softness.

2. Avoid doing substantial activities like going out to gym six to eight hours after waxing. It can cause irritation and rashes because this is the time where the skin is susceptible. Better be precautious than never!

3. Wear cotton underwear. Avoid very tight clothing because this can trigger the growth of ingrown hairs and also infections.

4. Taking a hot shower is not suitable for a day after waxing. Hot water can dry up your skin and may result in soreness and can irritate your skin.

Waxing your bikini area is maybe painful but it gives you the contentment after the procedure. Just see to it that the practitioner who will do the procedure is a professional at that field and of course, licensed. And don’t forget to follow this things before, during and after waxing then you’re good to go!